GigarBox Academia

GigarBox Academia is a document storage solution engineered to meet the needs of the modern academic institutions. Using cutting-edge cryptographic technology, academic records are stored securely, immutably, and verifiably for on-demand access.


A Technical Revolution in Academic Record Storage


Students may easily access their academic document by its unique hashcode


GigarBox documents are stamped by local government seal and a unique cryptographic hashcode.


Cutting-edge technology ensures documents are secure, immutable, and incorruptible.


Exam Results

Diplomas and Certificates

Request a Record

To request a document, provide the institution ID number, student ID number, and some document details. You will be contacted shortly by email from your institution with a link to download your document

Request Document

Verify a Record

To verify a record, upload the .pdf file of the stamped document. Our software will determine the authenticity of the record you have provided. You may also report cases of fraud through our system.

Verify Document

Secure Your School's Records

Add the value of secure, immutable, verifiable records storage to your academic institution.